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“Every one of our clients from Sunnyfield day program at Bexley return from your program smiling, beaming with excitement to tell us about their session at Posh Pony. Each time they are asked “how was your day”? they respond with how much they love and enjoy the program. When the program ended over Christmas break before we restarted it up again in 2024 they were all sad – only because they love attending the program. You engage so well with all our participants and they love the variety of the program you provide fortnightly.
The only feedback I have is that you need to duplicate yourself so I can add more clients each week to the group as everyone wants to come to Posh Pony.”

Naomi Hayes, Sunnyfield Bexley

“Posh Pony parties are amazing! We had a cowboy themed party for my 6 year old boy. We only had a small party with just 10 kids and it was great! Karen, Lauren and Alvin did a fantastic job of keeping all the kids entertained. Having a small party meant all the kids got multiple pony rides. They all loved brushing Alvin and decorating him in bows.
All the parents mentioned that it was a great idea for a party and we’re so glad we could do it. We also visit Posh Pony for Equine Therapy with Sensational Kids OT and we love it! My son can’t get enough! Thank you so much to Karen, Lauren and Alvin for helping us throw an amazing party!
Can’t wait to see you guys again soon.”


“For quite a few months now my daughter has been having lessons with Karen, Alvin and Frank Zappa. She absolutely loves her time with them. Karen teaches so much more than horse riding techniques. Her lessons are so much fun for my daughter as she is given choice as to what she wants to do and learn that day. I can see Karen has a high emotional intelligence and a wealth of experience in dealing with children and enhancing their learning, confidence and communication in a supportive manner with the help of Alvin and Frank Zappa. Karen is incredibly dedicated during every lesson and goes above and beyond to ensure my daughter has the best lesson ever! Thank you Karen for teaching my daughter all things horses as well as supporting her emotional wellbeing. We always look forward to seeing you and the adorable Alvin, Frank Zappa, Scooter and Sky!”


“Karen and her team are very experienced in providing meaningful experiences for children interacting with ponies and dogs. Learning about how ponies behave, providing sensory experiences to children (riding, obstacle courses and washing ponies, just to name a few), I can’t wait until I join the kids in a horse ride in the coming weeks!”


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